Educational Programs

ESL Classes

The organization offers free English classes to non-native speakers to help them integrate into the society and get better job opportunities.

Islamic Educational Programs

The organization offers various programs in Islamic education for children and young people - for free - with the aim of immunizing them from intellectual and behavioral deviations, and preparing them to coexist with the society by embedding the Islamic values and concepts.

Qur'an Education

The organization offers free training courses in reciting the Holy Qur’an, memorizing it, and contemplating it as the constitution of a Muslim’s life.

Arabic Education

The organization provides free Arabic courses for non-native speakers to help them understand the Noble Qur’an and the Noble Hadith.

Religious Islamic Classes

We offer a wide range of free courses in Islamic studies. These courses are conducted by qualified teachers. Courses provide students with a rich, multidisciplinary perspective on issues involving the creed (Aqeedah), Islamic rulings (Fiqh), societies, cultures, history.

Training on Presenting Islam to Non-Muslims (Dawah)

Training the individuals on the skills of calling to Allah, presenting Islam and responding to the misconceptions raised about the great Islamic religion.

Religious Comparison Classes and Seminars

These classes intend to educate people about the similarities and the differences between the religions, with respecting the beliefs, culture and practices of each religious group. Also, the aim is to create the sense of co-existance and the tolerance with spreading peace between each other.

How to Deal with New Muslims Training

American Islamic Diversity (AID) conduct workshops and trainings to fellow Muslims and Islamic organizations on how to deal with the new Muslims and follow up with them. We build a healthy cultural bridge between both people groups (born-Muslims and reverts) in order to have more peaceful community.