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Welcome to American Islamic Diversity (AID), we understand your struggle and we want to assist you in everything you need.

  • If you are a newcomer and have been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for less than 6 months, then please fill out this Welcome form
  • If you have been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area more than 6 month, then please fill out this form
  • For food assistance we ask the families to fill out this form
  • For vocational training, the individual must fill out this form and it will be sent to the Texas Workforce partner as well.
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Educational Services


Vocational Training

Vocational training to the head of the household to get better jobs: which is the most important step. Gaining a skill and getting a career that can make the salary higher which can be sufficient to cover all the expenses. That will give the parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children. The challenge comes with the vocational training is that most people don’t know when and where the courses are conducted, in addition to the difficulty in transporting from their resident areas to the vocational training area. American Islamic Diversity will offer the proper resources by sponsoring some of the families by paying their rent and expenses while the head of the household goes to get the training for a few weeks or months, then getting a job where he/she can sustain his/her family. Also, please note that American Islamic Diversity has partnered with Texas Work Force.

English as Second Language (ESL)

E.S.L. classes: Another challenge that can surround getting a proper vocational training to the head of the household is the language barrier. American Islamic Diversity hired professional instructors in order to better their English language and being able to take the courses needed.

Family Counseling

Cultural Shock and Lack of income can cause the parents to have conflict with each other, and the children rebel from their old cultural habits to try to intigrate in the west. Divorce or family member separation can be a result of the pressure on the family member. AID offer family counseling and life couching by well trained and professional therapists in multiple languages.

Sensitivity Training

we don’t only serve the needy and the unfortunate, but we also offer sensitivity training and workshops on how to deal with the Muslims in the professional places. That will help the community individual to have a better understanding of each other and to coexist.


AID offers different workshops for Muslims and Non-Muslims in the following topics

  • Training on Presenting Islam to Non-Muslims (Dawah): Training the individuals on the skills of calling to Allah, presenting Islam and responding to the misconceptions raised about the great Islamic religion.
  • Religious Comparison Classes and Seminars: These classes intend to educate people about the similarities and the differences between the religions, with respecting the beliefs, culture and practices of each religious group. Also, the aim is to create the sense of co-existance and the tolerance with spreading peace between each other.
  • How to Deal with New Muslims Training: American Islamic Diversity (AID) conduct workshops and trainings to fellow Muslims and Islamic organizations on how to deal with the new Muslims and follow up with them. We build a healthy cultural bridge between both people groups (born-Muslims and reverts) in order to have more peaceful community.
  • Combating Atheism: The number of people who hold to a secular worldview is growing every year. At the heart of this worldview is a belief in evolutionary ideas. There are at least 30% of the Muslims from the second generation in the west are leaving religion and going after worldly desires and working towards the society corruption unconsciously, denying the True God's commands. AID offers workshops showing the True path to God and how to protect yourself and your children from the currents of the world and evil.

Islamic Education

The organization offers various programs in Islamic education for children and young people - for free - with the aim of immunizing them from intellectual and behavioral deviations, and preparing them to coexist with the society by embedding the Islamic values and concepts.

  • Islam in Brief Lecture: The aim of these lectures NOT to convert people to Islam but rather to educate them, answer on the questions and show the true image of the Islamic faith and Muslims.
  • How to Support your Muslim Colleagues Training: AID offers a full training on how to deal with Muslims in public place. You may contact us for more details and to schedule a speaking engagement event.
  • For Reverts & New Muslims:
    1. Safe Haven to Get Connected: Although New Muslims reverted to the Path of Islam, they face many challenges from their surroundings and they may loose friends, family members, their job, etc. Therefore, AID can facilitate safe environment and resources where they can be connected with new Muslim friends who may encourage them, listen to them and be mentor to them. If you are a New Muslim and would like to be connected, please contact sister Ruba on Whats App +1(972)207-1911 or email: Ruba_Qewar@yahoo.com.
    2. One-on-One Mentoring: Many new Muslims struggle in learning Islam, especially the rituals such as ablution (Wodu) and the prayers (Salah). Therefore, Shahada Social & Studies online group made it easy. You may find a local personal mentor, or online. Please contact Sister Ruba Qewar +1(972) 207-1911 or Sister Shannon Abulnasr +20 109 604 2002 on whats app.
    3. Classes in Person and with Group: Each mosque (Masjid) must have a special program and activities for the reverts. However, this is not the case all the time (especially in the small mosques or remote areas). Therefore it was made easy to use the internet (especially zoom meetings) to boost the faith and the knowledge of Islam. Classes are conducted in person and on zoom at the same time by qualified speakers with topics are related to New Muslims and Reverts.
    4. Sister's Closet: We get it's hard to get Islamic clothes in the west and they are very expensive in the stores. There are Abayas, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Tunics, etc. (Islamic clothes) for you. They are lightly used and few of them that are brand new. You may come to the location and pick the ones you like and fit you.
      If you are looking for something specifically, please do not hesitate to contact sister Ruba on whats app +1(972) 207-1911 or email: Ruba_Qewar@yahoo.com. If you live in the US, we can ship to you, they are free of charge, however, you may contribute by paying the shipping fee.

Qur'an Education

The organization offers training courses in reciting the Holy Qur’an, memorizing it, and contemplating it as the constitution of a Muslim’s life.

Arabic Education

The organization provides free Arabic courses for non-native speakers to help them understand the Noble Qur’an and the Noble Hadith.

Religious Islamic Classes

We offer a wide range of free courses in Islamic studies. These courses are conducted by qualified teachers. Courses provide students with a rich, multidisciplinary perspective on issues involving the creed (Aqeedah), Islamic rulings (Fiqh), societies, cultures, history.