Distinguished leadership in the field of social work, advocacy, education and sustainable development.

Mission Statement

  • Society: To advance the American Muslim community to perform its cultural role as an essential component of American society.
  • Family: Preserving the family as a basic pillar for building the society.
  • The individual: the formation of a good individual.
American Islamic Diversity (AID) Inc.
is a 501(c)3, tax exempt, not for profit organization.


  • The goal of the Organization shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (Almighty) through the work for the development of the society, participating in the humanitarian work and serving the unfortunate according to the principles of the Islamic religion.
  • Advancement of the society through the development of its members via rehabilitation and preparation, assistance in self-reliance, trying to overcome adversity and difficult situations, and creating a society capable of overcoming trials and tribulations by relying on oneself and choosing appropriate solutions.
  • Protecting the dignity of the poor and the needy and granting assistance for them without the need to beg people.
  • Spreading the ideas of cooperation on righteousness and piety, compassion and solidarity, and spreading goodness among the spectrum of society.
  • Benefiting from physical powers and human capabilities, harnessing and taking advantage of them to serve the community.
  • Raising Muslim children on the true religion, self-denial, verifying the meanings of solidarity, cooperation and the principle of one body and giving to society without waiting for a financial return.
  • Presenting the correct image of Islam by considering that it’s the Mercy of Allah Almighty to all humankind.
  • Presenting Islam and spreading it’s correct concept.
  • Teaching the Arabic Language.

The Founders

Ruba Qewar
Ruba Qewar

+1 972 207 1911

C. A. Weber Taha
C. A. Weber Taha

Vice President
+1 214 725 4127

Walaa Shehata
Walaa Shehata

Executive Director
+1 701 202 1693

Mustafa El-kilany
Mustafa El-kilany

+1 631 833 8944