For Non Muslims

Islam in Brief Lecture

The aim of these lectures NOT to convert people to Islam but rather to educate them, answer on the questions and show the true image of the Islamic faith and Muslims

How to Support your Muslim Colleagues Training

AID offers a full training on how to deal with Muslims in public place. You may contact us for more details and to schedule a speaking engagement event.

Learn Islam on your own

There are many resources online that may help you learn more about Islam. However, you may need someone to guide you through it and answer all your questions.

Of course you may learn about Islam on your own by checking the website of, or by contacting sister Ruba for any questions and discussions via whats app: +1(972) 207-1911, email:, or brother Walaa whats app +1(701) 202-1693. Also, you may check the list on the YouTube channel: (Please don't forget to subscribe). Furthermore, many of the emotional revert stories that may influence you can be found on the sameYouTube Channel.