For New Muslims

Safe Haven to Get Connected

Although New Muslims reverted to the Path of Islam, they face many challenges from their surroundings and they may loose friends, family members, their job, etc.

Therefore, AID can facilitate safe environment and resources where they can be connected with new Muslim friends who may encourage them, listen to them and be mentor to them.

If you are a New Muslim and would like to be connected, please contact sister Ruba on Whats App +1(972)207-1911 or email:

New Muslims Support Line (NMSL)

One-on-One Mentoring

Many new Muslims struggle in learning Islam, especially the rituals such as ablution (Wodu) and the prayers (Salah). Therefore, Shahada Social & Studies online group made it easy. You may find a local personal mentor, or online. Please contact Sister Ruba Qewar +1(972) 207-1911 or Sister Shannon Abulnasr +20 109 604 2002 on whats app.
Please specify your:
How long have you been Muslim
and what is it that you need to learn?

Also you may fill out this application requesting a mentor

Please note that we don't mix men and women in private tutoring. Qualified men teach men and qualified women teach women

For self studies an excellent website that can make the New Muslim grow in their knowledge and practice is

Step by Step Self Mentoring

For New Muslims only

This video explains to you how to make Wodu (Islamic Ablution) before the prayers:

This video explains to you how to do Salah (Islamic Prayer):

This list of videos that help you memorize the prayers .. word by word.. just follow what I say and keep repeating with me.. and eventually you will get it:

If you are interested in learning more about Islam. These lectures will help you out.. You don't have to listen to them at once.. just one lecture a day would be more than enough.. don't rush into things and take your time learning:

If they are too long, then I broke them down to short videos so you may watch them in sha Allah:

If you feel it's overwhelming, you may have the prayer written in front of you and read from your material while praying, repeating it over and over again (5 times a day) will get you to memorize it eventually.

Again you are not obligated to watch them all at once and I don't want to overwhelm you.. take it easy

Classes in Person and with Group

Each mosque (Masjid) must have a special program and activities for the reverts. However, this is not the case all the time (especially in the small mosques or remote areas). Therefore it was made easy to use the internet (especially zoom meetings) to boost the faith and the knowledge of Islam. Classes are conducted in person and on zoom at the same time by qualified speakers with topics are related to New Muslims and Reverts.

Please check our events to see when our regular classes in person and online are conducted

Shahadah Social & Studies Program

Sister's Closet

We get it's hard to get Islamic clothes in the west and they are very expensive in the stores. There are Abayas, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Tunics, etc. (Islamic clothes) for you. They are lightly used and few of them that are brand new. You may come to the location and pick the ones you like and fit you.

The Locations of the sister's closets are:

1. Al-Ansar Society
777 S Central Expy #1m, Richardson, TX 75080


2. Mesquite Islamic Center 2403 Franklin Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150

If you are looking for something specifically, please do not hesitate to contact sister Ruba on whats app +1(972) 207-1911 or email:
If you live in the US, we can ship to you, they are free of charge, however, you may contribute by paying the shipping fee.

Sister's Closet


The statestics say that 30% of the reverts who enter Islam, leave it in the first 5 years for many reasons such as bad marriage, challenges with jobs and family members, bad Muslim encounters, depression, etc.. It is encouraged that the revert and their loved ones seek help with a professional and spiritual counselor. You may contact us through our website, or by contacting sister Ruba on whats app +1(972)207-1911.

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